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Boundless Connection Between People And Your Brand


True Cyan is a business consultancy that provides brand innovation strategy services for tech companies that address global challenges.

We help startups uncover the true value of their offering at the intersection of brand strategy and product innovation, allowing them to connect with the user’s experiences and advance purpose-driven technology everywhere. Through a targeted intervention, businesses are challenged to find the strategic focus through their innovation story and shape their market presence with a powerful brand vision.

We collaborate with companies worldwide and help them harness the power of their brand to inspire others, grow communities, and make the connection between people and technology possible. 

Discover Our Services for Startups

Cyan is a blend of water and earth colors. It represents innovation, creativity, and clarity, among other associations. We encourage businesses to transform beyond the visible and establish a brand that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries. Our services redefine the discovery process of a strategic narrative that steers your brand and brings it to life through a future-focused lens. This is a personal and professional process that can help inventive leaders step into their power and find their unique purpose.

Our Offerings

Targeted Intervention

Discover your strategic purpose with us.


Receive a VISIONARY brief for your business. 

Market Positioning

• Strategic purpose 
• Concept building 
• Key messages  


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Pro at Your Own Terms

Tap into the power of your innovation in 10 steps  

Value Proposition Canvas.

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Inspirational talk. Tap into the power of your brand.

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True Cyan


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